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This site was prepared as a public service, to provide information on a variety of topics and to give a symbolic voice to Mother Nature and her concerns. Although the web contains a multitude of sites providing excellent information, there are so many aspects to what makes our earth tick in harmony that I hoped it would be useful to present a more general site. This way a viewer can choose what topics are most of interest to them personally.

Our Relationship with Mother Nature

mother earth with lake

Mother Nature is a symbolic entity existing for many centuries dating back to the beginning of time. Sometimes she is referred to as "The Goddess" or our Earth Mother. She was a symbol of all that was necessary to survive on this planet Earth, and many cultures believe her to be more than simply a symbol. Her presence may be felt on a deeply spiritual level as well. Centuries ago, she was represented in form of a full-bodied mother or fertility goddess, giving sustenance to us all, supporting us with her ability to provide all that we need to nuture our existence.

A happy Mother Nature is a mother whose children respect and love her and treat her well. But these days Mother Nature is often out of sorts, disappointed with us as we ignore her importance and her lessons, as we lay waste to what she has given us. Mother Nature can be thought of as the earthly representative of our creator. She can be seen and felt in the wind, the seas, the mountains, the trees, the wildlife, flora and fauna and in our earthly human bodies. When we lose sight of her, we have a tendency to make poor choices. That is why I refer to her in this website addressing largely environmental issues.

This site was originally prepared by Bonnie Follett in April 2007 and was updated for Earth Day April 2014.

Although somewhat dated through the mention of a prior presidential administration, following is a link to a paper I wrote in 1993 (while at Golden Gate University School of Law) on the subject of biological diversity: International Efforts Towards Preserving Biological Diversity

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Mother Nature can be reached by going outside to play in nature, or by tending your garden. Her hours are 24-7.
If you have questions, comments or ideas for information to add to this site, please Email Bonnie at


I hope you will enjoy this site and find something useful in my efforts. Below I will post some images relating to Mother Nature that I hope will stimulate your imaginations, a reverence for her, and a desire to keep her house clean!


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