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Be Good to Mother Earth !

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Most of us claim to love nature and that we are concerned about protection of our world's environmental health, but do our actions really reveal this to be true? World population explosion and the commercialization of our cultures have placed enormous stress on our world's resources. Here's a few tips:

No. 1 - Don't mess with Mother Nature. She does it better than corporations messing in her domain looking for profits.

No. 2 - Don't expect Mother Nature to "understand" our carelessness or to clean up our mess. We often fail to understand the repurcussions of our actions, but we are responsible to clean up after our mistakes and transgressions.

No. 3 - Even a mother has her limits. When we misbehave she may let off a little steam!

No. 4 - We must make amends with Mother Nature (before she disowns us and kicks us out of the house).

Earth from space

Need I say more? We are on the verge of being kicked out of the house (earth). Some of us have not realized it yet. Those still in denial think they will be forgiven any transgression. Unfortunately, it just isn't so. There is a beginning, middle and an end to everything. We as a civilization have impacted our environment so very much that we may now be hastening the end time for this planet as a place of sustenance for human and animal life.

One big question is whether it is possible to remain optimistic in the face of melting polar ice caps and rapidly progressing global warming, not to mention the increasing toxification of our planet and loss of fresh water resources, threatening all species of life. - Optimism can be a wonderful thing when it is based in a common sense willingness to take action when required. If optimism is merely based in denial, it may allow you to momentarily feel better, but the world may be crashing around you.

Since we are all in this together, like it or not, no matter what happens, we will have plenty of company - a few billion people worth of company. So we can choose to care about "our children and future generations" - or not... But we are now seeing major changes in our own lifetimes, as we now see almost everytime we turn on a newscast.

There are people asking questions and taking actions. Is it enough? Not without you too. Now that we are all pretty much "in a pickle." - Ask the Question - What can I do?


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