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How To Recycle

Mother Nature likes it when we clean up after ourselves and use our resources wisely.

What is recyclable is not the same thing as what is biodegradable. Recycling is a business that is capable of handling only certain types of materials. Help your local recycling business by providing them only with materials they can handle. Do not commingle your recycling with materials that will contaminate the matter than can be recycled. Rinse out recyclable materials prior to placing in your recycling bin.

Three Basic Principles for Consumers:

  • Reduce - reduce your consumption.
  • Reuse - reuse or donate items you don't want anymore.
  • Recycle - recycle as much as you can.


How Recycling Works (SciShow, 6/11/2015)


See the Earth 911 Recycling Guide for info on the many types of recyclables and how to handle them.



Try for donating items. You can post your offering anonymously and interested parties will contact you. This is a great resource for linking you up with persons or organizations who may want your items, especially good for elecronics that may not be accepted by other organizations.

Here is a very brief guideline on recycling common household items:

What to Recycle
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Newspapers, unwanted mail and junk mail
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Plastics with triangular recycling code
  • Metals, such as aluminum and cans
  • Unbroken glass bottles
What Not to Recycle
  • Don't put meat food products or juices with other recyclables
  • Medications and pills - however, clean empty pill containers can be recycled
  • Broken glass - although recyclable it could injure sanitation workers
  • Moldy, poisonous or toxic items
  • No items contaminated by blood or feces.

How to Compost: Here is a link to the Guide for Composting at home. - See the Mother Nature Network site for more information on what NOT to recycle or compost. - Household items such as batteries, appliances, and more can be recycled, but may require special handling: see the Earth 911 Recycling Guide above.


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