Mother Nature's Laws and Tips

What Can I Do ?

First of all, strive to be aware, and to learn more about how the planet we live on works and functions. Knowledge is power.

Strive to make changes in habits once you become aware of how your present habits contribute to environmental problems.

Invest in renewable sources of power and energy, such as solar power, wind power, water and ocean tides power. Support efforts to develop methods of getting rid of the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which is the main factor contributing to global warming.

If you are a child or teenager, consider a choice of profession that will help the planet, or research and write a paper for school on the subject of what can be done.

Educate yourself. A good resource to help you gain an understanding of the far-reaching effects of global warming is Al Gore's 2006 documentary movie: An Inconvenient Truth or Gore's follow-up movie: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017). There are also many other great documentaries available through online video streaming services like Netflix.

Do Simple Things to make a difference:
Unplug appliances at night or when not in use - Turn off lights when not using them - Use energy-safe light bulbs - Drive less, walk or use a bicycle - conserve water usage - use only what you need - don't waste resources - donate items you no longer want to charity.

There are many people asking questions and taking actions. Is it enough? Not without you too. Ask the Question - What can I do? And feel good about helping instead of contributing to the harm we cause this earth every day through over-consumption and carelessness.

We can help make this planet last longer if we act responsibly.

Be willing to educate yourself and others. Here's a start...


View the trailer for "Truth To Power":


Do you know people who say they don't "believe in" climate change or global warming? Below is a link to an excellent documentary on National Geographic Africa's YouTube channel about the effects of climate change, Before the Flood, (National Geographic, 2016), narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio:


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